Braintree integration

What is Braintree integration?

Braintree integration allows users filling out your form to submit payments to you. With Braintree integration, you can accept payments directly on your form, without forwarding users to an outside payment service.

  • Pro 1 or higher Formsite account.
  • Braintree account
Formsite's Braintree settings

Your form's Braintree settings are controlled on your form's "Form Settings->Payments" page. In order to enable Braintree integration for your form, it must have at least one order form (Pricing) item.

Setup Braintree integration by following these steps once you have your Braintree account:

  • 1.

    You will need your Braintree merchant account ID and keys. If you do not already have this information, log into your Braintree account. Go to the "Account ->My User" page. Then click "View Authorizations" under the "API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys" section. Note the Public Key and Private Key, or you may need to use the "Generate New API Key" button if you don't have one already. Also note the "Merchant ID" value towards the bottom of the page

  • 2.

    Log into your Formsite account and go to your form's "Form Settings->Payments" page.

  • 3.

    Select Braintree payment integration and enter your Braintree Merchant ID and API keys from above.

  • 4.

    Enter the remaining information to further customize your Braintree integration.

  • Settings specific to Braintree are controlled from within your Braintree account.

    Viewing Braintree results

    Once Braintree integration has been enabled for your form, you can view the status of a result's Braintree transaction by using the "Results->Results Table" page. Each result row will have a "History" link for more information and one of the following status icons:

    The payment was successful.
    The payment was successful, but additional information is also available, such as a refund or duplicate order. The order also may have been updated, changing the total amount.
    The payment has not yet completed or your account is not set up correctly.
    The payment attempt failed.

    NOTE: Your Braintree account is the final record of all payments and refunds. There should not be a discrepancy between Braintree and Formsite, but in the event that this situation arises, Braintree takes precedence over Formsite.

    Additional information

    When any payment integration is enabled, you can also set the Conditional Logic in your Notifications to send either before the user pays ("Before Payment") or only after a successful payment ("After Successful Payment").

    The integration will send your form result's Reference Number in the "Order ID" field whe a payment is made. You can use this value in the Braintree transaction information to reference the Formsite result.

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