Pay by Check integration

What is Pay by Check integration?

Pay by Check integration allows visitors to send a check as payment for your forms. This method may be combined with other payment integrations.

Formsite's Pay by Check settings

Your form's Pay by Check settings are controlled on your form's "Form Settings->Payments" page. In order to enable Pay by Check integration for your form, it must have at least one order form (Pricing) item.

Setup Pay by Check integration by following these steps:

  • 1.

    Log into your Formsite account and go to the "Form Settings->Payments" page for your form.

  • 2.

    Enable Pay by Check payment integration.

  • 3.

    We recommend entering specific instructions for your customers on how to make out the check and where to mail it. A link to the selected Success Page will display to your customers on the form's Payment Instructions page, with the Link Text shown.

  • Viewing Pay by Check results

    The customer agreed to pay by check.
    The customer has not made any payment attempt.
    Additional information

    We suggest using an Admin Item to store the payment status of Pay by Check orders to help track received checks or any other relevant information.

    When any payment integration is enabled, you can also set the Conditional Logic in your Notifications to send either before the user pays ("Before Payment") or only after a successful payment ("After Successful Payment").

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