What are Reports?

Reports allow you to share results with users outside of your account. This is useful to make results publicly available or to securely share results with a password.

There is no limit to the number of reports you can create or use.

Create a new Report

On the Results Reports page, click the "New" button and enter a unique name in the Name field. After you save the new Report, you can see the Table Report Link and/or Charts Report Link.

Edit or delete an existing Report

On the Reports page, use the selector on the left to select a Report. Modify any settings. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. To delete the Report, click the "Delete" button.

If you delete a Report, any existing links for it will stop working.

Report links

There are two different links that can be used to view a Report: Table and Charts. The Table link shows results data in a table, with one row per result. The Charts link shows results data as pie and bar charts, with one chart per item on your form. You can distribute just the Table link, just the Charts link, or both.


A Filter can be used to display only results that match specfic criteria. Table Reports that have no Filter will show a search box that allows users to search for a search term.

For a password protected link, after a user correctly enters the password they will remain logged in until they click "Logout" or until their session expires (about 2 hours). The Table link and Charts link for a Report share the same login session.

Additional information

Reports are form specific, there is no way to create a single Report for multiple forms. When you copy a form, any Reports it has will also be copied.

Table Reports can show up to 100 item columns. If your form has more than 100 items, you can use a Results View to control which items are included.

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