Results Labels

What are Results Labels?

Results Labels are a way to change the question text of items when viewing results. This can make your form results more useful when your item questions are long or even blank. You can create and maintain Results Labels by using the "Results->Results Labels" menu option.

Results Labels can be applied to results in the following areas

  • Notifications
  • Success Pages
  • Results Table
  • Reports
  • Exports
  • Integrations

There is no limit to the number of Results Labels you can create or use.

Create new Results Labels

On the Results Labels page, click the "New" button and enter a unique name in the Name field. A list containing each item on your form is shown in the "Item Labels" section. Enter new text in the box next to each item to show that text in place of the item's normal text for this Label. If the Results Label is empty for a given item, the item's normal text will be shown. When you are finished, click the "Save" button.

Edit or delete an existing Results Label

On the Results Labels page, use the selector on the left to select a Label. Modify any settings. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. To delete the Label, click the "Delete" button.

Results Labels examples

A common use of Results Labels is to simplify long question text for viewing in results. You can give each item more descriptive text to display to users filling out the form, then use a Results Label to show a simple handle, or nickname, for each item.

Another common use of Results Labels is to show different item text in various formats that are used for different purposes. You can setup public results for two different groups that have custom labels that are unique to each, for example.

Additional information

Results Labels are form specific, there is no way to use a Label with a form other than the one it was created for. When you copy a form, any Results Labels it has will also be copied.

If a specified Results Label is deleted or empty, the item's text will be shown by default.

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