Results Table

What is the Results Table?

The Results Table shows a complete list of all your form's results that you can view and edit in a spreadsheet format. Though you can view your results in a variety of other formats on your form's Analytics page, this is the best way to view all your results at once and to edit data.

Manipulating columns

Individual columns can be moved and ordered as you wish. Formsite will automatically save your columns when you leave and restore them when you return. Click the "Reset Display" button to reset the columns to their default order and visibility.

To move a column, click and hold your mouse button on the column's heading. Drag the column left and right on the heading row, and arrows will appear when you hover over a valid spot. When you are satisfied, release your mouse and the column will "drop" into place.

To resize a column, hover over the border between two column headings. Your mouse will change to a double-arrow icon; left click and hold, and drag left and right to select the size you want. When you are satisfied, release your mouse.

To show and hide columns, click on the "Show/Hide Columns" button. Use the dialog that appears to select the columns you wish to see.

Interacting with results

Use the icons at the left of each row to view, edit, or email an individual result.

You can mark a row with a highlight by clicking on any of its cells. To unhighlight a row, click it again.

Additional information

You can apply Views and Filters to select which columns and results you wish to see.

You can apply Results Labels to change the text of the column headings.

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