Save & Return

What is Save & Return?

The Save & Return feature allows users to create accounts that are associated with their form results. A user can use their account to save a partial result and return later to finish, or to view past results.

Login accounts

To enable Save & Return, you can either add a Save & Return item from the Common Items category or enable Save & Return on your form's "Form Settings->Save & Return" page. You can allow users to create their own accounts or manually add accounts by clicking the "Simple Add" tab in the accounts area. Each account must have a username and password—email is optional. The "Bulk Add" tab allows you to create a large number of accounts in CSV format.

If needed, you can link or unlink existing results to/from a login account on your form's Results Table. Click in a result row's "Username" column and select the appropriate account username.

Additional information
  • Users' progress is saved after each page is completed or when the "Save Progress" button is used.
  • You can require your users to establish a username/password for your form by providing only a link to the login page instead of a form link.
  • If you prefer to make accounts optional, you can add a Save & Return item to your form. This item contains a link and description explaining that the user has the option of setting up a Save & Return account.
  • Save & Return accounts are form specific, there is no way to use an account with a form other than the one it was created for. When you copy a form, settings are copied, but accounts are not.
  • Notifications will be sent each time a user completes or fully updates a result.
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