What is Scoring?

Scoring is a way to assign points to users' results. This can be helpful to make quizzes, tests, or to add to conditional logic functionality. Scoring can be used with most items that accept input.

Set up Scoring

You can set how items' values are determined by editing an item and using its "Calculations" settings tab. For most items, you can choose between two different modes for assigning values: "Entire Item" and "Each Choice".

The "Entire Item" mode allows you to enter a single value that the item is worth when answered correctly. When answered incorrectly, it is worth 0. Checkbox items additionally have a "Require Choices" option that can select between requiring one or more of the correct choices ("Any"), or requiring exactly all of the correct choices ("Exact").

The "Each Choice" mode allows you to enter a separate value for each possible answer choice. For multiple choice items, the item is worth the value associated with the choice the user chooses. For text items, the item is worth the value associated with the text the user enters (case insensitive).

Text items additionally have a "Directly" mode. The "Directly" mode allows users to directly enter, as a number, the value the item is worth.

Finally, enable the "Enable Scoring" setting so that the item will be included in Scoring.

Viewing Scoring

You can view detailed information about scores for your results at the "Results->Analytics->Scoring Report" page. The Scoring Report contains many detailed reports and charts that can be created for your results, and embedded on your own pages by using the "Share" code.

Scoring information can be viewed in other results formats. It appears as an extra column in such places as the "Results->Results Table" page and in Results Downloads. It is also available to show/hide using Results Views. Scoring can also be included in other form and results features, such as Notifications and Success Pages.

Piping can be used to show a result's total points score as well as the maximum possible total score for the form, using the "[pipe:total_score]" and "[pipe:max_score]" piping codes, respectively.

Additional information

The default labels that are used on the Scoring Summary can be changed on the "Form Settings->Custom Text" page.

The Total Score of a user's response can be used in Rules and Conditional Logic for Notifications.

Scoring Report statistics are based on stored results. Population standard deviation and variance calculations are used.

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