What are Sub-users?

Sub-users can be used to create additional users for an account. You can create and maintain Sub-users on the "User Menu->Sub-users" page.

A Sub-user can be one of two types:

  • Admin - Full permissions. An Admin can create and delete all users, forms, and results.
  • Limited - Permissions only to view and modify the forms you specify.

Pro 2 level accounts can create up to 5 Sub-users. Pro 3 level accounts can create up to 20 Sub-users.

Create a new Sub-user

On the Sub-users page, click the "New" button and enter a unique name in the "Username" field. Next, choose the type of Sub-user to create and, for Limited Sub-users, assign permissions. When you are finished, click the "Save" button.

Once the Sub-user is created, distribute the login information along with the login link. Sub-users you create should log in via the account-specific link shown on the Sub-users page.

Edit or delete an existing Sub-user

On the Sub-users page, use the selector on the left to select a Sub-user. Modify any settings. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. To delete the Sub-user, click the "Delete" button.


For Limited Sub-users, there are three types of permissions:

  • None - The Sub-user has no access to the form. The form will not show up in the Sub-user's form list.
  • Read - The Sub-user can view the form and its results.
  • Read/Write - The Sub-user can view and modify the form and its results.

Admin users can do anything the account owner can do, except access the "User Menu->Profile" page.

To prevent a Sub-user from logging in without deleting their account, set the Sub-user's "Enabled" setting to "No".

Note that any Sub-users with write access to at least one form will share access to the files on the "Files & Images" page and can view/delete/update these files.

Sub-users example

A common use of Sub-users is to limit access to specific forms. Suppose one department in your organization has a survey form. This department may not want other departments to edit the form or view its results.

On the Sub-users page, create a Sub-user for each department. Then, assign permissions so that each user has Read/Write access only to the forms that should belong to its department.

Additional information

The account owner's user (the username the account was created with) is separate from Sub-users. Settings for the account owner's user are on the "User Menu->Profile" page. This user cannot be deleted and is not included in the Sub-user count.

You can use the "User Menu->Log" page to audit a Sub-user's actions. When a Sub-user is deleted, its username will show as "N/A" in the Log.

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