What is a Workflow?

Workflow connects two or more forms together, passing data from form to form, as with an approval sequence or follow-up request. Workflow features are available to Pro 2 and higher service levels.

Workflow basics
  • 1.

    The Workflow starts with the first form submission, which triggers an email notification

  • 2.

    The email notification is sent with the Workflow Link

  • 3.

    The link is clicked, opening the second form that contains data from the first form result

  • Build your Workflow
  • 1.

    Start by making your first form

  • 2.

    Make the second form by either copying the first one in the My Forms list, or by creating a new form

  • 3.

    Go to the “User menu->Workflows” page to link the forms together

  • 4.

    Go to the “Form Settings->Notifications” page to create the email that contains the Workflow Link

  • 5.

    Test the workflow to make sure it works as you expect

  • Workflow Templates

    You can get started quickly by using one of the Workflow templates from the Workflow features page. To start with a template, log in to your Formsite account, visit the "Create New Form" page, choose the Template option, then select one of the Workflow templates.

    Workflow results

    Each form collects results as normal and forms that are part of a Workflow have an additional Workflow column added. Clicking the Details link for an individual result will display all of the connected results for that Workflow.

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