Workflow Links

What is a Workflow Link?

Workflow Links are the glue that holds your Workflow together. They control which form a user will visit after completing each step in the Workflow.

Configure a Link

Links can be setup in a variety of ways. With the following settings, you can define the possible paths through your form, and how results will be collected.

  • Source Form / Destination Form These are the main settings for the Link, and define which form it is valid for, and to which form it should redirect the user.
  • Result Limit This option controls how many times the Link can be used:
    • Single (Save & Return): Only one result can be created. However, users can also follow their same link multiple times to update their submission.
    • Unlimited: Users can create multiple submissions with the same link.
    • Limited: Users can create the defined number of submissions with the same link. You will also be asked to enter the Number of Results.
  • Form Mapping Pass the users' responses from the source form into the destination form. For more details, see Form Mapping Documentation. Note: only valid Mappings will be shown, that is, the source and destination form must be the same for both the Link and the Mapping.
  • Password Set an access password that users must enter to continue onto the destination form.
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