Workflow Mappings

What is a Form Mapping?

Form Mappings connect the items on the source form with the items on the destination form.

Create a Form Mapping

During the Workflow Link setup, the Form Mapping appears after selecting the source and destination forms.

  • 1.

    Start by selecting the first item to map from the source form

  • 2.

    After selecting the source item, the system will display the compatible items in the destination form.

  • 3.

    Click the green plus sign to add another mapping item and repeat the selection process until all items are mapped

  • Form Mapping tips
    • Matrix items and Multi-scale items cannot be mapped
    • Use Hidden Field items to pass information you don’t want to show
    • File Upload items can be mapped to Hidden Field items on the destination form, then the Hidden Field item's pipe code can be used as the URL in an Image item to show the uploaded image.
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