Frequently asked questions

How do I rename my form? You don't have a template for the form I need - what can I do? How do I add an image to my form? Can I change the text of the Submit button or other form text? Can I limit the number of times an item is selected? How do you count the number of items on a form? Can I copy my Formsite form? Can I import a form that is already made? Can I edit my form after it is published? I am looking at my form, but it is an older version. Why is this happening and how do I fix it? Can I copy my form to another account? Does Formsite support different languages? I have built my form, how do I add it to my own website? How can I replace a form on my site with a new version? Items on my form are missing and I can only see them when editing. Why aren't they showing up? How can I change my order form to use a different currency, like € Euros?
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