Frequently asked questions

Is there a phone number where I can contact you? I need help ASAP! Help! I forgot my username and/or password! The email address on the account isn't mine so I can't reset the password. What can I do? I am already a paid customer but I still see ads. Will my form visitors see advertising? Why do I keep getting logged out? (Session has Expired) Do you have an affiliate program? What is your privacy statement? How will you use the data collected in my form? Can I accept credit card or other sensitive data using your forms? Can your service handle my high-volume survey? My form has an error saying the capacity is full. Why is this there and how do I fix it? Are your secure forms safe? What does "Remember Me" mean on the Login page? Do you have video tutorials? How do I open/close a survey? Can I host the form on my own website/server? Are you HIPAA compliant? Are you Privacy Shield compliant? Can I pre-fill information for my visitors? Can I score or grade my visitor's responses? My account username shows up in my form's URL. How can I change this? Can I add my forms to my Wordpress page?
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