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Common Questions

What item do I use to let visitors type in an answer?

Text answers use Short Answer, Long Answer, or a specialty text item like Number or Email Address.

What item do I use to let visitors choose an answer?

Choosing from a list of answers uses Radio Button, Dropdown, or Checkbox items. Radio Buttons allow for choosing one answer, Dropdowns allow users to choose an answer or reset to no answer, and Checkbox items allow for checking and unchecking multiple answers.

How can I let visitors upload files?

The File Upload item lets visitors upload files with their form result. You can limit the number of files, limit the max file size, and set allowed file types using the File Upload item’s settings. Uploaded files count toward your account’s File Space limit.

What are the Order Form items for?

Order Forms calculate an order total and the Order Form items have additional settings for prices. For example, a Radio Button Pricing item will accept a price for each choice and add that price to the order total.

Can I customize the Matrix items?

No, Matrix and Multi-scale items are premade groups of items that cannot be further customized. You can change the fonts and colors on the Style -> Customize page, but there is not a way to mix the input types, set different column widths, or make other customizations.

What are Item Blocks?

Item Blocks are groups of items that let form owners quickly add multiple items. Examples include the Contact Block, which adds items for name, address, etc., and Block From Other Form, which copies items from another form in your account.

Common/formatting items
Common/formatting items Common/formatting items
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Matrix / grid items Matrix / grid items
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Item blocks Item blocks