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Collect payments with PayPal order forms

Users can complete your order form and submit payments via PayPal or with a credit card.
Secure, easy payment processing.
Status and details of payment transaction are available in Formsite results, making it easy to track every order.
Forward users to your custom page after payment.
Receive emails detailing payment status updates.
Enable multiple payment options to give your users a choice of payment services.

Enjoy secure payment collection by integrating your form with your PayPal account. Results collected on your form will be associated with PayPal payment information so that you have a complete view of your customers’ orders. Formsite PayPal order forms are a low-cost option for simplifying ecommerce transactions.

After customers finish your form they will be taken to the order review page. From there they can submit payment, and then can be redirected to a custom success page.

We offer multiple options for PayPal including PayPal Business, PayPal Personal, and PayPal Pro. With PayPal Business and Personal, users can pay with their PayPal accounts. With the PayPal Business and Pro integrations, users never have to leave your form and can submit their payment directly from the order review page. PayPal Business also allows most users to pay with PayPal Credit or Pay in 4, Venmo, or other regional options.

See our How To article for How to Create an Online Form With PayPal.

Common Questions

How do I enable PayPal?

Start by adding Order Form items to the form to make an order form. Next, go to the Form Settings -> Payments page, then select one of the PayPal options and follow the instructions to enable the integration.

Do I need PayPal or PayPal Pro?

The majority of people and businesses will use the PayPal integration. If you know that your PayPal account uses PayFlow or Website Payments Pro, you can use PayPal Pro. For users that only have a Personal PayPal account, choose the PayPal Personal integration. With PayPal Business you can easily create a new PayPal account or upgrade your existing one while you setup the integration.

Does PayPal collect credit cards or just PayPal payments?

PayPal collects payments using both. The settings in your PayPal account may not allow credit cards, but you can go to the Settings -> Selling Tools page and set “PayPal Account Optional” to collect credit cards if needed.

Can I set up subscriptions or recurring payments with PayPal?

Yes, the integration settings allow for recurring payments with either indefinite or a preset number of payments.

Are payments made with the PayPal integration secure and PCI compliant?

Yes, Formsite and PayPal handle all information securely, and the status is sent back to the form’s Results Table, so the customer’s payment information is never saved in the result. Therefore, PCI compliance is ensured.

Why does my Notification show that the payment is incomplete?

The Notifications send after the form is submitted and before the payment by default. If you want to delay the email until after the successful payment, you can enable the conditional logic on the Notification and set it to send after successful payment.