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Build forms & surveys
Get responses
Collect payments
Use your results

Link related forms with workflow logic

Link one or more forms together.
Carry responses across separate forms.
Create an approval process routing forms and information to multiple people.
View combined results across forms.

Chain multiple forms together with the Workflow feature. This feature allows you to link any two or more forms together so that when the first one is completed, you can send a follow-up form to one or more people. Using the optional form mappings function, you can also carry responses to individual fields from one form to another and auto-fill fields from previous answers to create a highly efficient workflow process. In the end, all of the results collected under each form under the Workflow will be related, and you can view them all together to provide an overall birds-eye view of the entire process.

Workflows are a powerful tool in collecting a packet of information from one or more people. A common example of the Workflow feature is to compile information from multiple forms for a user signing up for a camp, outing, or class. You can also add conditions to the Workflow logic to create approval processes, for example to create an automated vacation request form.