Add Tax and Other Required Fees to Order Forms

Formsite order forms provide form owners with many powerful tools to help collect payments accurately and easily. These tools include integrated payments, recurring payments, calculations, and a large number of pricing options. Adding basic pricing items to order forms lets form owners add to the order total, and also enable owners to add tax and other required fees.

Formsite add tax example formThe basic order form items include:

  • Pricing items: Radio Button Pricing, Dropdown Pricing, and Checkbox Pricing items list choices and prices. These are the most commonly-used order form items and allow visitors to add items to the orders.
  • Quantity items: The Text Quantity item placed before a pricing item allows for ordering multiples of that item. The Quantity List item combines the quantity and price to display as a condensed list.
  • Percent items: The Radio Button Percent item enables form owners to add or deduct a percentage of the entire order. Percent items are used to add tax and other required fees to orders.

Taxes and Fees

The first step to adding taxes and fees to the order form requires the form owner to define the addition. Questions to answer include:

  • Is the tax applicable to all visitors or only certain ones?
  • Do fees or taxes apply to the entire order?

Formsite add tax radio button percent default valueAdd Fees for All Visitors

  1. For fixed fees, use a Radio Button Pricing item
  2. For percentage fees, use a Radio Button Percent item
  3. Add the fee description and amount
  4. Click the Default value tab and select the radio button to always apply the fee

Add Fees for Some Visitors

  1. Formsite add tax dropdown percentFor fixed fees, use a Radio Button Pricing or Dropdown Pricing item
  2. For percentage fees, use a Radio Button Percent or Dropdown Percent item
  3. Add the fee descriptions and amounts, using 0 for those answers that don’t apply

An example is for adding state tax for a specific state only. Using the instructions above, use a Dropdown Percent item for the State item and enter the tax amount for only the required state.

Add Tax to Items Only

Many states do not require or allow charging tax on services like shipping and handling fees. To add fees to the order and prevent charging tax:

  1. Formsite add tax exclude itemAdd the pricing item
  2. Check the setting labeled “Exclude from percentage calculation”

Add Fee for Specific Items

To display the fee item when specific items are ordered, use the Rules on the pricing or percentage item. Items hidden using a rule will not apply to the order total.

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