Assign Scores to Choices and Answers

Creating surveys, quiz forms, and order forms sometimes requires some extra processing. For example, a quiz will need to track correct answers and display the number or percentage correct. Many form types need to assign scores to answers and Formsite’s Scoring feature lets form owners do that.

Formsite assign scores example

Some examples of scoring needs include:

  • Surveys: Score each answer in a scale to get a ‘weighted’ total
  • Quizzes: Score correct and incorrect answers
  • Order forms: Assign scores to help with custom calculated costs
  • Advanced: Use scores to trigger rules

Assign Scores

Using Scoring to assign scores to answers on a form works like this:

Formsite assign scores enable scoring
  1. Add the item to the form or edit an existing item, then click the Calculations tab
  2. Check the box to Enable Scoring
  3. Set the scoring values
  4. Save

Scoring Options

All items that support Scoring allow for setting scoring options. The choices are to assign values to:

Formsite assign scores options

Entire item
The ‘entire item’ choice gives the entire question a single score, with the ability to set the ‘correct’ answers. When the form user answers with one of the correct answers, the score for that item registers.

Each choice
Selecting ‘each choice’ lets the form owner set separate scores for each answer. Used with text input items, enter the correct answer(s) with each score. Multi-select items (Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, Checkboxes) allow for setting scores for each correct choice.

Some items have a ‘directly’ option, which means that the number entered registers as the item’s score.

Each choice – use prices
Pricing items display the option to use the assigned price as the score.

Using Scores

  • Form owners can access the form’s total score and maximum possible score through the special pipe codes [pipe:total_score] and [pipe:max_score].
  • Use Calculation items with form items as equation parts to calculate Scores, then check the option to Include in Scoring total.
  • Create Rules that trigger based on scores to show or hide form items based on a Score threshold. For example, track an order’s Scoring total to show a discount item once the order is over a certain amount.
Formsite assign scores rules
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