Conditional Logic tools and examples for more powerful online forms

Do you want to do different things based on the answer to a form question? If so, you need to use Conditional Logic. Formsite uses conditional logic to show form items, direct visitors to specific Success Pages, and send email Notifications based on the answers to form questions.

Conditional Logic Tools

One of the most common logic tools is the hide/show function in the form Rules page. Here you can display form items if a previous answer matches the rule. For example:

Conditional Logic

Another useful conditional logic tool is to send the visitor to a specific Success Page based on a form value. Examples of how this is used:

  • As a registration receipt: If your form is for an event registration over multiple days, you can create separate success pages with the different event details, then send the form visitor to the appropriate page based on the event he/she signed up for.
  • As a quiz scoring page: Using the Scoring feature, you can compute the final score and send the form respondent to the appropriate Success Page which could have options to post the score to social media channels, print the page, or retake the quiz.
    As a entry into another form: If you have multiple departments with separate functions, you can create multiple Success Pages with Redirect URLs that point to the appropriate form for the next step of the process. Use a conditional logic Rule to send visitors to the appropriate form based on their selections.

Logic-based Notifications

Formsite Notifications allow you to send multiple email messages from each form response and Conditional Logic allows you to choose which messages are sent based on the form answers.

An example is with a contest entry form that collects basic contact information, then asks if you want to be added to the newsletter subscription list:

  1. The first notification uses the Conditional Logic where the newsletter signup answer is ‘Yes’, and sends a message confirming the contest entry and the newsletter signup.
  2. The second notification uses the Conditional Logic where the signup answer is ‘No’ and confirms the contest entry only.

Share your conditional logic ideas here and contact Formsite support if you have any questions.

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