Export Attachments by Date

Export AttachmentsA newly-released function to enhance back-end workflow is an optimization to provide a date filter when exporting attachments.

This is a request from customers that we are sure will be popular, especially with those using our Signature feature. Forms that include signatures or file uploads can become difficult to deal with after a period of time due to a large number of attachments. The previous method to export attachments from multiple responses was to export the entire attachment library. This new feature lets customers select a time period to limit the attachment export in order to ease the burden of large or numerous files, or for those customers who only want to download files since their last visit.

The new tool replaces the previous attachment export function accessed at Results -> Export -> Export -> Attachments. The ability to export the complete attachment library is still the default operation, with the date filtering a new option. Read more about Formsite features on our Features page.

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