Features Updates: Folders, Sub-users, & Security

The latest Formsite release contains new features and updates to existing features. These changes include:

Formsite features 2fa login

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Sub-user login page
  • Save & Return username/email piping
  • New Credit Card item
  • Form Folders
  • Password-protected attachments

Two-factor Authentication Features

Two-factor Authentication (or 2fa) is a security enhancement that requires input from your mobile device in addition to your account password to access your account. Use with an app on your mobile device such as Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass, or your preferred authentication app.

Formsite features 2fa setupTo enable 2fa in your Formsite account:

  1. Install one of the authentication applications listed above
  2. Log in to your Formsite account
  3. Go to your User menu -> Profile page
  4. Click the box to Enable Two-factor authentication
  5. Use the authentication application to add a new account
  6. Scan the QR code in your Formsite account
  7. Enter the code provided by the authentication app

Note that there is also a 2fa option for sub-users. To set up 2fa for sub-users:

  1. After the Sub-user account is created, click the box to enable Two-factor authentication
  2. Right-click the QR code and save the image to your local computer
  3. Use an authentication app to scan the code and enter the provided code
  4. Send the sub-user the QR code and instruct them to:
    1. Install the app
    2. Create a new account in the app
    3. Scan the code and save the account

Every time the sub-user logs in, they will need to enter the password followed by the 2fa code displayed on their mobile device.

Sub-user login page

One of the updated features for this release is the new Sub-user login page. Previously, sub-users had to access a special login page, leading to frequent account access questions or accidentally trying to log in using the wrong login page.

Therefore, we have implemented a new login page to let all users access their Formsite accounts. The main login page now has a Sub-user Login link that lets sub-users indicate which account they want to log in to.

The previous Sub-user login pages will automatically forward sub-users to the new page with their directory information pre-filled, so you can continue to use those links. Alternatively, you can instruct your sub-users to go to the main login form and enter the primary account directory, their username, and password to log in.

Save & Return username and email piping

A common request that we have added in this release is the ability to use a Save & Return visitor’s username and email address within the form and notifications. As a result, these elements have been added in this release to our list of pipe codes and are available using the codes “[pipe:save_return_user]” and “[pipe:save_return_email]”.

New Credit Card item

With more visitors using forms to make payments, we have added a secure Credit Card item to our toolbox.

Formsite release credit card maskingThis new Credit Card item automatically masks the full number and displays the last 4 numbers in many areas, and the full number can be accessed by viewing individual results, results exports, and the Secure Link format for Notifications.

Read more about our Security features and guidelines.

Formsite features form foldersForm Folders

The Folders function is a newly-added enhancement for the My Forms page that allows forms to be grouped and displayed in custom folders. Also great for organizing and segmenting your forms list, the Folders can be accessed by account owners at all service levels and sub-users.

Password-protected attachments

Formsite features file passwordAnother security enhancement is a setting to prevent access to files uploaded with form results. By default, any files uploaded to the form have links added to the result that can be accessed by anyone with access to the result email or export.

This setting, available to Pro 3 and higher accounts, allows form owners to restrict access to attachment files to only password-authorized account users. The setting can be found under Form Settings -> General -> Security.

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