Fitness Tracking Forms for the New Year

Formsite fitness tracking tools

Formsite gives form owners the ability to build systems for collecting and processing all kinds of information. A popular example for the beginning of the year is fitness tracking forms. Build custom forms to enter meal data, exercise schedules, and other stats, then calculate and create reports to track progress.

Some examples of forms for fitness tracking include:

  • Weight loss tracking
  • Measurements gain and loss
  • Meal composition values
  • Food nutrient calculator
  • Exercise planner
  • Workout calendar

Fitness Tracking Tools

Formsite fitness tracking inventory example

A common need for fitness trackers is the ability to calculate values. Examples include summing nutrient amounts, calculating weight loss, and more. Formsite’s Calculation item allows form owners to create equations using form input values. Track weight over time, total calories burned, distance traveled, or workout times in whatever units you need.

The Scoring tools allow form owners to assign values to non-numerical choices, too. A meal calculator may need to calculate total calories, for example, and can multiply protein and carbs by 4 calories and fat by 9 calories.

Set limits by using the Inventory function and keep your stats balanced. Say you use a program that uses numbers allocated to food items or exercise stats. Use the Inventory feature to prevent exceeding the amounts for that day or week.

Reports, Charts and More

Formsite fitness tracking chart example

See your progress by exporting the form results and using Excel or Google Sheets to process the values. Use the built-in spreadsheet functions to add or subtract values in each column, or use the built-in graphs and charts for an alternate view.

If you want to provide your forms as a service to others, use the Results Reports features to provide each customer with their own results access. Results Reports let form owners create links to see filtered information via a URL as either the raw exportable data or as Formsite graphs and charts.

For form owners who use other online services, use our integrations to send data after each submission and continue the process. See our various fitness integrations for help getting started.

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