Form Editor Tips for Faster Form Building & Editing

Formsite form editor tips multi-select editWhether you’re new to Formsite or a veteran form builder, learning new form editor tips can help you create and manage your forms more efficiently.

For example, did you know that you can add a new item to the next available position in your form with a double-click? The drag-and-drop editor is useful for designing and editing your form, but nothing beats the double-click for adding items to your form fast.

Our top form editor tips are:

  1. Multi-select your form items
  2. Copy items & styles from other forms
  3. Paste your answers


The most under-used of our form editor tips is the multi-select function, used to select a group of items in the form editor. The actions available to the selected group are:

  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete

For example, if you have a group of items you want to copy a number of times:

  1. Formsite form editor tips multi-selectHover over the first item in the group and click Multi-select
  2. Hover over the last item in the group and click End Selection
  3. Click Copy
  4. Click Insert here
  5. Repeat as needed

Clicking the Edit link in the multi-select menu shows additional options for editing your group of items:
Formsite form editor tips multi-select edit options

  • Modify required (sets the items to either required or not-required)
  • Modify Admin (sets the items to Admin or not-Admin)
  • Modify question position (allows changing to top-, left-, or right-label)

Setting your form items to not-required (or optional) lets you quickly test your form without needing to complete all of the items for a successful submission. Once you’re done testing you can repeat the multi-select process to set them to be required.

Copy items & styles from other forms

Have you ever needed to copy multiple items from one form to the other? Here’s how:

  1. Formsite form editor copy item blockIn your new form’s editor, add a Block From Other Form item in your form where you want the copied items to appear
  2. Select the source form
  3. Select the first and last items
  4. Done!

If you want to copy the form style from another form, you can do that in the new form’s Style page by clicking the Copy from form button. This will copy the entire CSS from the source form, making branding and styling your form easy.

Paste large number of choices

Are you editing a multi-select item on your form (radio button, checkbox, dropdown, etc.) and you can only edit the choices one at a time?

STOP: This means you have results for the item. Changing the choices here may change your existing results, too.

  1. If you want to keep the results for this item but change the answer choices for future results:
    1. Copy the item in the form editor
    2. Edit the choices in the copy
    3. Set the original item to Admin
  2. If you don’t need to keep the results for the item
    1. Go to Results -> Delete Results and delete your Results Table
    2. Edit the item in your form editor and you can now copy/paste the choices

Do you have any form editor tips you can share? Tell us in the comments!

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