Form Item Additions and Improvements

Our recent release includes form item additions to our form builder:

  • Relative dates for Calendar form item
  • New Number item
  • Text minimum and maximum countRelative Dates form item additions

Relative Date Picker for Form Calendar Item

The relative date function for the Calendar item lets form builders set date ranges before or after the current day. For example, say you want to make a sign-up form but limit requests to the next 2 days only. Using our new relative date function, you can drag and drop a calendar item into your Formsite form and set the maximum date of today+2.

Relative Date Examples

  • Request delivery date 2+ days after placing order: Set the minimum calendar date to today+2.
  • Offer expires after 30 days: Set the maximum date to today+30.
  • Event open to ages 10+: Set the maximum birthday to today-3650.

Number Item

The new Number item extends numerical-specific functions to the basic Short Answer field. The Number item formats all values as numbers instead of text, which allows for greater flexibility and accuracy.

For example, the value “100” and “100.00” are different when entered into a Short Answer item, while they are the same in the Number item. In addition to numerical validation and decimal formatting, the Number item can use greater-than and less-than comparisons in the form Rules.

Text Minimum & Maximum Counts

A popular feature request, text fields have been given the ability to specify minimum and maximum word and character counts. A typical use would be for the Paragraph item when requesting an article submission of at least 100 words. Another use would be for the Short Answer item when requesting a US zip code, where the item would be validated to use only numbers and both the minimum and maximum values would be set to 5.

Feel free to share your comments and contact Formsite support with any questions.

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