Form Settings to Enhance Your Form

Formsite form settingsEvery Formsite form has settings that you can customize to enhance your form’s security, description, and access. Your form settings can greatly increase the usability of your forms by both visitors and account users, and the security on both the account side and the visitor’s side.

Your form’s General Settings can be found under the Form Settings link and include:

  • Description
  • Open/Close
  • Security
  • Daily Summary


Starting with the most basic area, the Description link is where you can change the name of your form and add a description. The description for your form is where you can add additional information as a ‘notes’ area for yourself or other account associates and is not shown to your form visitors.


The Open/Close area allows you to set certain conditions for accessing your form based on specific dates and times, or a total number of received results.

Form settings open closeThe Start and End dates are useful for time-sensitive forms and allow you to control access. The most common use is to set an End date for a promotion or registration period, and used in combination with the Start date can let you create a whole series of time-based forms.

Another use for the End date is to ‘close’ your form if you need to prevent access during a maintenance period or when making changes to your form. You can set the End date to be any time in the past and your custom message will be displayed.

Results Limit

The Open/Close page also has a Results Limit setting that allows you to set the maximum number of results to receive before closing the form. This is useful for promotions or events where the capacity is fixed or the expected interest exceeds the room available. As with the date-based settings, you can include a custom message to display when the capacity has been reached.


Your Formsite account and forms are automatically protected by our system’s built-in security, and the Security settings allow you to set security enhancements specifically for your form.

Formsite secure badgeThe Secured Badge is an optional banner included with your form that communicates to your visitor that the form is protected. This can be a great influencer with online stores and other types of forms that collect protected information.

The other security settings allow you to set a password to access the form, set the anonymous function to prevent collecting IP addresses, and preventing multiple submissions.

Daily Summary

Formsite daily summaryThe Daily Summary can be sent to multiple email addresses and is sent at the end of each day with that day’s statistical information on your form’s performance. The email includes form and account information and can be helpful to monitor your form without having to manually log in to your Formsite account.

If you have any questions about your form settings or any other Formsite feature, feel free to visit our Documentation page or contact our customer support.

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