Form SPAM Automatic Protection by Formsite

Form SPAM CAPTCHA ItemSPAM appears in many forms as it dilutes real information and creates suspicious cynics of us all. Where email SPAM can send a million copies of the same pre-constructed message to a huge list of addresses, form SPAM can only connect and complete each form one at a time. This limitation gives us an edge for protecting your forms.

The overlying method for preventing form SPAM is to verify that the form visitor is a real person and not a computer program; often referred to as a ‘bot’ (short for ‘robot’). Techniques for confirming the visitor as human are to use simple interactive elements that expose the behavioral differences between humans and bots.

The first line of defense

Formsite has built-in security measures to monitor and prevent many problems with online forms, including fraudulent submissions by bots. Our system uses several layered techniques to alert us when problems may be present and helps us to automatically protect against non-legitimate form visitors.

What if you do receive form SPAM?

The most common method for preventing form SPAM is to use forms with CAPTCHA. This item requires that the form visitor decode an image containing a heavily modified word and enter the correct value in order to submit the form. This method has been effective at greatly reducing SPAM in the rare instances that it occurs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about form security, form SPAM, or any of our other features.

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