Formsite Makeover Update

The recent upgrade to optimize the interface for our customers was a major change for everyone. The transition went smoothly and one of the elements that may be credited with easing some of the change was a page highlighting the changes and asking for feedback. This makeover update is a high-level view of the current feedback from our customers.

Formsite Makeover Update Chart

The Upgrade Process

Upgrading every account was no small feat and we thank our technical team for the smooth transition. We anticipated rolling out the upgrade over many weeks, but the positive initial response and extremely low friction encouraged us to complete the process in less than two weeks.

The makeover feedback page helped to communicate the changes and the feedback form provided a quick way to gather customer opinions and expose any issues. With over 100,000 accounts and this being our first visual refresh in over seven years, we were prepared for anything.

We’re proud to announce that approximately 72% of the feedback so far has been neutral or better, which we consider a victory due to the scale of changes made. For customers who responded with less-than-positive experiences, we have been able to publish updates quickly to address negative feedback where possible.

Share Your Thoughts

If you haven’t cast your vote on the latest interface upgrade, we welcome you to do so at the makeover feedback page. You can also get the details on what was changed and what stayed the same, and send us any comments you may have.

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions of our makeover. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to us from the contact page.

Billions of forms submitted