HTML5 Validation

Our most recent release has published a few new features to help with both front-end compatibility and back-end workflow. One feature is the new HTML5 validation that benefits from the power of new browser technology.

HTML5 ValidationHTML5 offers new code elements that allow programmers to present interactive content easily. In addition to providing more types of content, HTML5 validation will automatically check form fields for the correct format. This automatic validation lets the visitor know when the form encounters a response that doesn’t match the expected response format, such as URLs and email addresses.

While validation is nothing new, the ability to tag the fields and let modern browsers alert the user when they’ve entered the wrong kind of value is a feature of the new HTML5 standard. These tags do not require any configuration and are automatically placed with each applicable form item and validation pair. We’re looking forward to using more HTML5 features as the standard is evolved and browsers increase their compatibility.

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