Improve Email Response Rates with These 3 Tips

Many forms and surveys rely on email to reach their audiences. Lead generation forms collect information from potential customers and typically an email follows. That email contains more links to order forms, follow-up information, or surveys. Form owners who rely on email views and clicks use these techniques to improve email response rates:

  1. Focus the email topic
  2. Maintain the email list
  3. Be clear about privacy
Formsite improve email response

Keep it Simple

Online users today receive many messages trying to get them to do things. To compete in the inbox, keep the email message focused and to the point. Have clear, easy to read content and engaging visuals to encourage your desired result.

The ‘call to action’ is also known as ‘what you want them to do’, and is the optimal result. Common calls to action (CTA) include buttons or images that link to the form or survey. Do not confuse the visitor with many CTAs. To improve email response rates, only have one call to action.

Improve Email Response Rates Through List Quality

Formsite improve email response tracking

Most lead generation programs treat the email list as a ‘set and forget’ kind of tool. The leads come in and the information goes to the list, then the process begins. Routine maintenance can help improve response rates by optimizing the people on the list.

High unsubscribe or complaint rates can mean many things. ‘Spammy’ content or too wide of a net will cause the recipients to complain, which may cause the system to flag messages as spam.

Track the list reports to keep informed of the number of additions and deletions. Changes in the number of subscribers are frequently an early indicator of possible changes happening.

Privacy is Key

Increasing email performance often comes down to increasing legitimacy and trust. If recipients interpret the email campaign as relevant to their needs, they are more likely to open the message and click the CTA. One of the most effective ways to increase trust is to be open about the list itself:
How the list got their address

  • What kind of information to expect
  • The frequency of the messages
  • How to remove themselves from the list

Hiding the unsubscribe information only encourages complaints, so be forthcoming with subscription information. Not only does it decrease complaints but it also increases trust, which may help to gain a few more clicks.

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