Integration With Google Spreadsheets + Google Spreadsheets = lots of power. There is no doubt that Google has tremendous functionality in their Google Apps suite and we are now providing you the ability to use a Formsite form to populate a Google Spreadsheet in real-time. This means that you can have your Google Spreadsheet open in your browser and watch in real-time as your results come in. There is no need to refresh your spreadsheet, the results will automatically show. This integration opens up all types of possibilities with respect to sharing data with others. You can share your Google spreadsheet data with others via the Google share feature enabling others to see the form data you collect.

google spreadsheets

We also enable you to automatically apply a View (show only certain columns) AND a Filter (show only data meeting a certain criteria) to data being sent to Google. For example, say you are collecting order information for a widget you are selling and you want to share quantity ordered data with your supplier. You can setup a Google Spreadsheet that will only receive quantity ordered from your Formsite form using a View. The supplier you are dealing with will not be able to see any other information collected on your form as it will not be sent to Google. If you choose to update data within Formsite, that data will also be updated in your Google Spreadsheet. Log into your account and go to “Form Settings->Integrations->Google Sheets” to get started.

For more information, check out our online forms with Google Sheets integration.

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