Integration With

Update: The Salesforce integration now sends files from File Upload items to the Salesforce record. Read about it on the Salesforce support page.

We have developed a very powerful integration with enabling any Salesforce object to be mapped to a Formsite form, including custom objects. Our process is very slick in that we can automatically map your Formsite fields to a given Salesforce object. This means that you do not have to do the manual mapping and that you can have a Formsite form setup and integrated with Salesforce in just a few minutes.
For example, you can create a lead form that integrates with Salesforce using Formsite and have that mapped to your Salesforce Lead object. This setup provides you all the professional features of Formsite while also storing your data with Salesforce on a real-time basis. If you update your data within Formsite, the data will also be updated with Salesforce. For a limited time, we are introducing this feature at our Pro 1 level of service which is only $19.95 monthly. Log into your account and go to “Form->Third Party->Salesforce” to get started.

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