New Design for Formsite! See the Changes and Updates Here.

Formsite new design example

Formsite has published an update to the logged-in pages for all customers. The new design includes styles for improving the user experience and modernizing the tools. Over time, all tools can benefit from updates to use new technology and styles for more intuitive and efficient use.

The fundamental changes include:

  • Style updates for fonts, colors, and icons
  • Interactive responses like animations, button actions, and mouse hovers
  • Sizing and spacing for better use on all screen sizes
  • Account messages are easier to identify and read

What has not changed:

  • No features or formats have been removed
  • All previous settings remain the same

See the New Design

Comparing the old My Forms page to the new one shows the essential style updates. Adding a background color to the page itself lets us use white as a natural highlight. Increasing the contrast everywhere helps to quickly define elements without adding visual weight.

The form’s Share page shows a typical settings page with the new styles. With a few small positioning changes, the experience becomes more usable and efficient.

Form Editor Changes

Formsite new design form editor

The form editor reflects the same changes to the overall style and keeps the same items and settings as before. Customers used to the previous system should have no problem locating items and settings in the new system.

We welcome any feedback about our new design, or any comments, questions, or suggestions. Feel free to contact us from

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