New Embed Options

A feature that sets Formsite apart from some of our competitors is our Embedded JavaScript option. This option enables you to dynamically insert a form into a web page without using an HTML iframe. If you have ever tried to insert a form using an iframe, you have probably run into issues with the bottom submit button getting cut off or with scroll bars showing up when they aren’t wanted.

Previously, when you embedded our form using our Embedded JavaScript option, your form would inherit most CSS style elements from the page it was embedded into. Some people like this and some do not. We now have an option that enables you to retain our style when the form is embedded in your page. This means that the form looks the same as it does on our site when it is embedded in your page.

We now support embedding all pages of a multiple page form in your site. Previously only the first page was embedded. When the user went to the 2nd page of your form, they were taken out of your site to Formsite. By default, we now embed all pages of multiple page forms. This behavior can be overridden so that only the first page is embedded.

More information on these new features can be found by logging in and going to the “Form->Publish” page.

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