New Form Items (Matrix Items, Coupon Code item etc.,)

Based on user requests, we are introducing 4 new form Items: Star Rating, Coupon Code, Dropdown Matrix, and Dropdown Multi-Scale Matrix. The Star Rating item enables the user to give an item a number of starts on a scale that you define. This Item could be used to have users rate a new movie from 1 to 5 stars.

For Order Forms, we have added a Coupon Code item that can represent a percentage or fixed dollar amount discount. You can define more than one Coupon Code per form. You can also setup a link to Pre-Populate the Coupon Code on your form. This enables you to setup a link from your page that could be something like “click here and save $5 on your order”.

matrix items

The new Dropdown Matrix and Dropdown Multi-Scale Matrix collect the same information as the Radio Button Matrix and Radio Button Multi-Scale Matrix using a different format. In cases where there are lots of choices, the new Dropdown Matrix Items will produce a much cleaner presentation.

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