New Help System for Formsite Answers

Building online forms just got easier with Formsite’s new help system. Current and new customers can use the new support area to locate documentation pages and how-to videos for all of Formsite’s features.

Formsite new help categories


Current customers who rely on the documentation as a reference can use the search area to locate content or navigate through the new categories. Locate help files by:

  • Formsite new help internal linksBrowsing the support site at
  • From the Support page
  • Clicking a Help link found on most form items and settings pages

Navigating the new help system

  • The User Guide contains articles with tips and examples for building forms, creating order forms, working with integrations, and managing results.
  • The Account category lists answers and features related to Formsite accounts. Examples include steps for upgrading or cancelling and what to do when you can’t log in.
  • The Developers category contains help using the API and Webhooks. These articles help developers create custom integrations with Formsite forms and accounts.

Other sources for help

  • Formsite new help YouTube videoFormsite’s YouTube channel contains all of the tutorial videos shown in the new help system. Consider subscribing to the channel for fast access to all of our videos and to stay current with new features.
  • Zapier’s powerful features lets form owners create custom integrations with other online services. Many issues can be solved by using one of the 1000+ apps available through Zapier, and their list of apps can be found at
  • The best source of knowledge comes from the support staff, who can be reached via the contact form at Our professional and knowledgeable staff are ready to help at all times.

Let us know your thoughts

We value customer feedback and rely on suggestions from customers for future updates. Please comment or email with any comments, questions, or thoughts on how to improve our new help system.

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