New QR Code Publish Option

Have you ever seen an image like the one below and wondered what it was? It is a QR Code (Quick Response Code), a 2-D barcode technology, that is increasingly popular for use with smartphones and other mobile devices. QR Codes can hold text like URLs ? including the one to your form. Once scanned, the user can automatically load the URL link in their browser.

Our new publish option will automatically generate the QR Code image that contains the link to your form in both standard and secure formats. In order to fully use the technology, you must have a barcode scanning application installed on your phone. On iPhone, some popular scanners are QuickMark, OptiScan, and NeoReader. For Android devices, the most popular scanner is Barcode Scanner.

When printed, form QR Codes provide many opportunities for business marketing. For example, you could create a satisfaction survey in Formsite and then put the QR Code on a normal paper survey. People with smartphones could then scan the code and fill out the survey online. Another example would be to have the QR Code at a checkout, and after filling out the form on Formsite it could give the user a special coupon to use.

Overall, there are many uses for QR Codes and many resources online with further suggestions. To see a live example, simply scan the QR Code with your mobile device. If you do not have a scanner, you can see the form here.

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