Reports Feature has Arrived

Formsite has a new Reports feature. It allows you to share your form’s results with your users. This can be very useful. Reports can be viewed in two formats: Table format and Chart format.

Table Report Format

Table format shows your form’s results as a table. There is one row per result. The user can sort the table and resize the columns. You can optionally allow users to edit results from the table. All form data is available in the table. This includes: Order Form totals, Scoring totals, Form Login information, etc.


Chart Report Format

Chart format shows your form’s results as charts. There is one chart per form item. Users can select which item to view. The chart can be toggled to a pie chart or bar chart.



In cases where security is required, you can also add a password or restrict what data is included by using Views and Filters. You can create multiple reports with different settings and give them to different sets of users.

For more information, check out our graphs and tables for website forms.

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