New Search and Result Filters Functionality

Having been one of the original form builders on the Internet, we are used to having our functionality and design copied. If you want to see what our competitors will be up to, you can pretty much just look at our feature list. Our search functionality, to our knowledge, has not been copied. Not a single competitor or any site that we know of has copied it. While we thought our form based search was powerful, intuitive, and unique, we must now concede there are better ways of searching data. We have split what we used to call Search into two separate features: Result Filters and Search.

A Results Filter is a set of criteria that can be applied to form results in order to produce a subset for the purposes of viewing, graphing, reporting, and downloading. Results Filters can be saved and copied. Say you want to graph results for all females between the ages of 21 and 30 that plan on taking a vacation this year. You could define a Results Filter that would enable you to see just this subset of data and then you could perform actions such as graphing and downloading.

We have added a Search link to our Summary Table page. This is a quick search that is simply a single search box that you type into. You can type in anything and all of your form’s data will be searched for the text you enter.

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