New Servers and Networking Hardware

Having started in 1998, it would be easy to overlook replacing certain servers, networking components or cables. We are proud to say that every single piece of physical equipment used by Formsite, including servers, network switches, power cables, and network cables is now less than three years old. The majority of our equipment is now less than one year old. This is a big statement when you have been around for as long as we have as it means lots of equipment has been phased out and replaced.

Interestingly, we didn’t think we’d need to replace power cables and network cables when we recently installed new servers. Why not use the existing cabling? When we went to pull out some servers that had been in operation for over 3 years, we found that the heat from the servers had “baked” the power cables to the point that they were brittle. When we bent the power cables, they became useless.

We have learned from that experience and are committed to continuing to have what we feel is the absolute best infrastructure money can buy. We have not spared any expense on our datacenter, servers, or network setup. During our busiest time of the week we are currently operating at less than 10% of our server capacity and at about 20% of our network capacity.

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