New tools for attachments

The most recent Formsite release gives customers more control over their form results through enhanced attachment processing tools. Exporting results has had the ability to limit the export to a date range for some time now, but targeting files separately has been a frequent request. New in this release is the ability to delete just form attachments, which lets form owners reduce their account file storage, as well as the ability to limit to a specific date range.

Delete attachments

Managing Attachments

A previous release added the ability to export attachments as a zip archive, and this new feature gives form administrators the ability to delete files from form results. An example of the usefulness of this feature is with a form that collects uploaded files, such as a contest submission or photos of items for sale. The form owner can now export the files for safe-keeping, then delete all attachments in a specific date range. This allows you to delete attachments while retaining the other information collected by the form.

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