Non-Email Notifications for New Form Results

Formsite non-email notificationsNotifications alert form owners of new results, send auto-responses to form visitors, and notify relevant team members of new results. The built-in notifications page lets form owners send emails, though many owners have created systems to send non-email notifications, too.

Every successful form submission triggers the notifications and integrations, so setting up forms to send non-email notifications is also possible. These notifications offer form owners a broader range of options including customized messages, delayed or repeated messages, and advanced automated features like creating events and scheduling.

Non-Email Notifications from Zapier

Zapier is an incredibly flexible integration available to Formsite form owners. With over 1,000 apps available, using a form submission as a trigger enables lots of possible actions:

  • Send a text message (SMS): Zapier’s built-in SMS engine can send a message to a specific mobile number or use one entered into the form.
  • Post to Slack: Sending a notification to a Slack channel or as a direct message can alert individuals or teams to new form results.
  • Begin a chat session: Zapier’s connected chat applications can automatically connect support or sales personnel with connections from form results.
  • Automatically schedule in Google Calendar: Send the form result to Zapier to automatically populate an event or appointment schedule.
  • Send a fax: For organizations who still rely on paper, faxed results are possible with Zapier’s fax apps, too.

Formsite non-email notifications Zapier

Other Notification Options

In addition to Zapier, other integrations allow form owners to set up notification systems using the apps’ built-in notification features:

  • Google: Use the Google Sheets or Google Docs integrations to collect results and attached files, then use the built-in notifications abilities with Google’s mobile apps to show alerts when new results are added.
  • Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box: Collecting results with attachments and one of the file storage integrations can also trigger notifications from the mobile and desktop apps.
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