Order Form Templates & E-commerce Examples

Formsite order form templates

Find online order form templates for easy e-commerce at Formsite. Our templates give form owners a quick start when building new order forms. Using the online order form features and items in our form builder help make e-commerce easy.

Examples of order forms include:

Features of Order Forms

Order forms share many traits with registration forms, like contact info and option selections. They are unique in that they contain pricing calculations and often payment transactions.

Formsite order form templates items

Formsite has specialty form items designed for making order forms easy and accurate:

  • Pricing items are items where the form owner sets the cost for each choice or answer.
  • Quantity items multiply the price to allow for ordering more than one of each choice.
    • The Text Field Quantity needs to appear immediately before a pricing item to multiply the price correctly.
    • The Quantity List item combines the quantity + pricing items and offers an efficient list of choices.
  • Percent items add or deduct a percentage, as with tax, shipping, or a discount.
  • The Coupon Code item deducts an amount from the order total when the visitor enters a valid code.
  • The Running Total item shows the current order total.

All forms containing order form items will automatically display the Order Review page after the last page of the form. See a previous article for how to customize the Order Review page and other tips.

Formsite order form templates inventory

Another common request when building order forms is to limit the number available. Many products or tickets need to limit the quantity available, which Formsite’s Inventory settings allow.

The Inventory features help to prevent over-selling by setting the total number of answers allowed for a specific form item. Once the Results Table contains the set number of results for that answer, the form prevents more orders.

Using Order Form Templates to Build Online Order Forms

One easy way to build an online order form begins at https://formsite.com/templates/order-form-templates/. Choosing a template is as easy as viewing the template and clicking the button to Get This Form.

Another way to find order form templates:

  1. Log in to a Formsite account, click the Create New Form button, then see the Order Form templates.
  2. Choose a template with items or styles like the ones needed, then click the button to start with that template.
  3. Use the form editor to edit the template items and add or delete items as needed.
  4. For form owners new to Formsite or making online forms, see the Getting Started video to see how the form editor works.
  5. Find the form’s link on the Share page and paste into an email or post on a website or social media site for visitors to complete.
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