Payment Status Filters for Successful Payments

Creating order forms with Formsite uses the payment integrations to allow form owners to collect payments. The status of each transaction shows with every result in the Results Table. Now using the payment status as a Results Filter for reports and exports is possible.

Formsite payment status filter successful payments

Results Filters can apply to many places in Formsite accounts, like:

The Results Filters apply conditional logic to each result and return only those that match the conditions. A new option is available to also include the payment status as a condition. This allows form owners to trigger many account functions based on whether the payment is successful or not.

Make a Payment Status Filter

Creating a Results Filter starts on the form’s Results -> Results Filters page.

  1. Click the New Results Filter button
  2. Name the filter
  3. Under Rules select ‘Payment status’ and either ‘is’ or ‘is not’ Paid
  4. Click Save
Formsite payment status filter settings

Test the new Results Filter by going to the Results Table and selecting it from the Results Filter dropdown.

Using the Filter

Export only results with successful payments by selecting the filter on the Results -> Export page, then exporting using any other custom settings.

Create reports that show only paid results from the Results -> Reports page, then select the Results Filter when creating the report.

Notifications have had the ability to send only after successful payments by enabling the conditional logic settings and selecting the ‘Successful Payment’ option.

Integrations can use Results Filters to only trigger when the data matches the filter’s conditions, for example:

  • Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive: Only send files for successful payments
  • Google Sheets: Update spreadsheet with new results when the payment is successful
  • Server Post, Zapier, MailChimp: Trigger the integration only after a successful payment

Scheduled exports can use the Results Filter to only send results with successful payments.

Analytics provide detailed analysis of a variety of form dimensions, and the payment status filters allow for more targeted reports.

Formsite payment status filters analytics
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