Personalize Forms and Surveys With Rules Logic

A past article talks about personalizing emails and the more success it brings. Using the same concepts to personalize forms and surveys will also increase engagement. The more engaged form visitors are, the more likely they are to complete the form.

Formsite personalize forms

An obvious way to personalize the form is to use the person’s name and email address, and other ways for less-obvious personalization include:

  • Screening questions
  • Funneling previous answers
  • Follow-up items
  • Custom Success Pages & Notifications

Personalize Forms with Screening Questions

Many form and survey builders use screening questions as part of their forms to qualify their visitors. Examples of screening questions are, “Select your department” or “Choose from kids or teens sizes.”

Formsite personalize forms screening questions

The answers to the screening questions determine what items display later in the form. Using screening questions to generate the form is the most common method for personalizing the form for the visitor.

Screening questions can also make sure only the correct people complete the form. “Have you visited our store?” can allow visitors to continue to the next item or page, while “no” answers would skip to the Success Page.

The Rules functions allow form builders to set item rules to show or hide based on previous items’ answers. For large numbers of items, grouping them on their own pages and using page rules is another option.

Personalize With Funneling

The Funneling feature lets form owners use previous answers as choices in multi-select items later in the form. For example, if the survey asks to rank the top 3 activities, a previous item can narrow down the final ranking:

Formsite personalize forms funneling

Follow-up Items

Like screening questions, follow-up items let form owners ask questions based on previous item answers. Asking follow-up questions allows for more details about the form visitor and their needs. The more information available, the more specific and personal the form appears to the visitor.

For example, if visitors come from countries outside of the United States, add Rules provide a more personal experience:

  • USA – State and Zip Code fields
  • UK & Canada – Province and Postal Code fields

Custom Success Pages & Notifications

Personalized Success Pages and Notifications are often the last chance an organization has to interact with a customer. Providing them with the best experience encourages them to repeat their business in the future.

Ideas for customization include:

  • Using their name in a personal thank-you message
  • Include their company name or other identifying information
  • Provide an easy way to repeat their order or contact the organization in the future
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