Release Notes: reCAPTCHA, Multi Image Uploads & More

This release provides answers to many customer requests and form enhancements:

  • Formsite release log in with GoogleSocial login for Formsite accounts
  • reCAPTCHA for forms
  • File Upload item accepts multiple files
  • Customize form preview for social media sites
  • Workflow mapping accepts images and signatures
  • More Dropdown item types

Social Login

Formsite release social login

Connect your Formsite account with your Google account to make logging in easier. The new social login feature lets you authorize your Google account to automatically log in to your Formsite account. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Formsite account
  2. Go to User menu -> Profile
  3. Click the link to Enable Google Login
  4. Select your Google account or log in (if necessary)

Once your Formsite account is connected to your Google account, you’re now able to log in with Google. Simply click the Log in with Google link on the main login form to access your Formsite account.


Formsite has changed its CAPTCHA item to use Google’s reCAPTCHA service in order to take advantage of reCAPTCHA’s efficient and effective human-testing system. Instead of using the CAPTCHA item in the form, the function has been converted to a form-level setting.

To enable reCAPTCHA on your form:

  1. Go to Form Settings -> Security
  2. Check the box next to Use reCAPTCHA
  3. Click Save

Formsite release reCAPTCHA


  • reCAPTCHA appears automatically when the form is submitted
  • The new reCAPTCHA setting replaces all existing CAPTCHA items
  • All service levels including Free and Trial can enable the reCAPTCHA setting

Multiple File Uploads

Formsite release upload multiple filesA new feature added this release to all Formsite forms is the ability to accept multiple files with a single File Upload item. This feature addition eliminates the previous need to add multiple items to accommodate multiple file uploads.

The new File Upload item has a Maximum file setting that allows from 1-10 files, and the max file size setting remains the same as before. All existing File Upload items and any new File Upload items added to the form have a default Maximum Files setting of 1. To allow multiple files, edit the File Upload item and set the Maximum Files to a higher value.

Social Media Preview

Formsite release social preview

Formsite forms are now able to provide customized social media preview information, such as the page title, description, and preview image. On the form’s Form Settings -> Description page, the public information can be customized to show unique content for your form in addition to a custom image.

Workflow Image Mapping

Form owners who use Workflow can now use the Workflow Mapping to pass images and Signatures between forms, therefore allowing for easier and more complete workflows. Form images and Signature items were not previously usable in the Workflow Mapping, and this release allows Workflow to successfully pass the image links from one form to another.

Workflow Folders

A new feature for this release is also the automatic creation of form folders for Workflows. Form folders is how to group multiple forms in an easy-to-see arrangement in the My Forms list, and this new addition automatically adds the forms for Workflows as a folder group.

Dropdown Item Types

Newly-added Dropdown items for this release are:

Billions of forms submitted