Routing Notification Emails Based on Answers

Formsite routing Notification emails

Notification emails send after submitting forms and can use conditional logic to know which ones to send. For example, a form owner can set up several identical emails that send to different account owners based on an answer chosen in the form. Many form owners choose to make a copy of the email and set logic to tell when to send each one, but there’s a better way. See how routing Notification emails with Email Routing items works.

Formsite routing Notification emails example

Copied Notifications

The most obvious downside to making copies of Notifications is when they need changes. Some organizations have many departments and sending copies of the same email would require changes to each one when needed.

Along with being tedious, having to update each one introduces the possibility of mistakes or skipped emails. Also consider adding and removing recipients, which adds even more complexity to making updates.

Routing Notification Emails

Formsite created the Email Routing items to solve those issues. Using an Email Routing item lets form owners set one or more email addresses for each choice of a normal multi-select item. For example, if each U.S. state has a group of account reps, the form’s State item can use an Email Routing Dropdown then list each rep with their state.

The Notification uses the Email Routing item as the To setting, then each recipient listed in the choice receives a copy of the email. The Notification message and subject allow for including the pipe code for the Email Routing item to include the text of the choice.

For example, this form contains an Email Routing Dropdown with these choices and email addresses:

Formsite routing Notification emails settings

The form owner creates one Notification that uses the Email Routing Dropdown as the To setting, then includes a message:

A new result for [pipe:12] is available.

When a new result appears, the system sends a Notification to each address in the Email Routing item’s choice. Each email message then contains the text of the email with the pipe code changed to the text of the choice.

As a result, the form’s Notifications page needs only a single Notification to send to every contact listed in the form.

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