Run on your Custom Domain

6/2013: This feature has been discontinued and is no longer available. If you have reached this page in an attempt to show your form on your site, look into embedding your form or inquiring about our White Label service.

The original post:

While many of you are fans of Formsite, you are not necessarily fans of having in the link to your forms. Many of you use frames or Iframes or embed our form in an effort to hide our domain. We understand this and support this.

As of today, we are offering an even more interesting alternative – run our software on your own domain. This is an extra add-on service that we are charging $49.95 monthly for. Essentially, we setup a domain for you, including SSL, and all of your forms are accessed and processed off of this domain. Everything else works exactly as it does today. All email comes from your domain and all pages including error pages, success pages, multiple page forms, etc come from your custom domain. There is no Formsite branding, there is never a mention of, and you will never see in any link associated with your forms.

Additionally, you control the content of the root index page at your domain. This is very powerful as it enables you to market/brand your services. Your users will not be aware that you are using to host and process your forms. So, you get all of the power of Formsite with complete control of branding/marketing of your custom domain.

Contact us today so that we can get you setup. If you have an existing account we can seamlessly make this change so that all of your old links will still work and your data will remain as is. We will have you up and running on your own custom domain in less than 48 hours.

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