Section 508 Compliant Forms

Section 508 AccessibleFormsite forms support Section 508 and WCAG 1.0 (Level AA) accessibility standards. These provisions ensure access for people with vision impairments who rely on various assistive products to access computer-based information, such as screen readers and Braille displays.
Screen readers translate what’s on a computer screen into automated audible output and certain conventions, such form field labels, are necessary so that these devices can “read” them for the user in a sensible way.

These accessibility standards are a requirement for Federal web sites and any private sector site under contract to a Federal agency. In addition to providing compliance to the Federal regulations, this feature benefits all Formsite customers and visitors who depend on assistance when completing our forms.

Automatically Section 508 Compliant

All FormSite forms are automatically configured to work with these standards and require no additional modification by customers to apply. Not every form item is applicable for these standards due to its nature, such as purely graphical items like Signatures or Star Ratings.

The list of items that are not fully accessible:

  • Calendar
  • Captcha
  • Signature
  • Star Matrix
  • Multi Scale items
  • Text List

For more information about Formsite form accessibility, please visit our documentation page.

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