Microsoft OneDrive Integration: Send Attachments to OneDrive

Updated: Send files to Microsoft OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint document libraries.

Formsite has recently added the Microsoft OneDrive integration to enable forms with File Upload items to send copies of all attachments to a OneDrive account. As a built-in feature of Windows 10, OneDrive is an easy way to share, edit, and store files received by form visitors.

The Microsoft online forms integration is provided as a way to send file attachments to the OneDrive account in addition to saving them with the Formsite result. This integration doesn’t replace the file storage, but copies the files in addition to the normal Formsite storage.

Uses for the Microsoft OneDrive integration include automatically backing up files received as part of form results, sharing files with other OneDrive users, accessing shared files on mobile devices, and more.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

OneDrive is a service provided by Microsoft and included as part of the Windows 10 operating system, which means there’s nothing to install or configure to get started right away. The OneDrive folder is commonly located in the individual User folder on PCs and devices running Windows 10, and additionally can be accessed through the Taskbar on desktop computers.

Integration requirements:

  • An active Microsoft account
  • A Formsite form with a File Upload item

Setting it up:

  1. Formsite Microsoft OneDrive integrationGo to Form Settings -> Integrations -> Microsoft OneDrive
  2. Enter valid Microsoft credentials or select the appropriate account
  3. Grant Formsite access by clicking the Yes button on the permission confirmation screen
  4. Customize the integration settings and click Save


  • Formsite Microsoft OneDrive integration settingsUse the integration settings to customize the folders and file names to organize the copied files. For example, use the pipe codes to insert values from the form as the folder and/or file names.
  • Deleting the file and/or result in Formsite will not affect the copied file in the Microsoft OneDrive account.
  • Trigger the integration from the Results Table by clicking the edit link on the individual result, then clicking the Update button. An example use would be to resend a file that failed to send the first time.
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