Server Post Integration

Integrations are hot right now and with this release we are introducing Server Post Integration, a way to have your Formsite form post data into another application immediately. So, when your form is submitted, not only is the data immediately stored in the Formsite database, but an HTTP Post is sent to the server of your choice with your data. This enables you to use the front end features of Formsite with your back end. The data posted can be in several formats including name/value pair, CSV, and XML.

Server Post

When a form is successfully submitted, you can elect to use the Formsite Success Page or the page returned by the application that was posted to. We also enable you to specify a Custom Labels configuration for your post. This enables you to define the name of the variables being posted. In some cases, you will be able to accept Formsite HTTP Post data on your server into an existing application without making any changes on your end.

We also provide the option not to store the data in Formsite when using Server Post integration.

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